Mwanza Airport – Tanzania

Feedback on Mwanza

Training was carried out over a 15 day period after a very warm welcome from the Mwanza airport teams.  We started the Altea Customer Management training with a team of about ten trainees, all extremely interested and enthusiastic to learn.  The 5 day training session was successful and almost everyone passed the test successfully.  In the 2nd week for the Altea FM Flight Management training, I found more or less the same team as the first week. Versatility has landed at Mwanza airport!  Levels were not homogenous and not everyone passed the exam because they lacked basic traffic training, but showed a strong willingness to learn.  It was an eventful week as we learned during the week’s training that the airline serving Mwanza had gone bankrupt, and it was also rich in human contacts with ever smiling and friendly staff – it was a great adventure!