Information Technology

Innovative business applications: Business development

The control of information systems is a common base of MBAviation’s activities, enabling the automation, simplification and acceleration of the transformation of transport professions, in France and internationally, through products and services hosted in SAAS.
Based on a strong consulting approach, MBAviation designs, develops and implements innovative IT solutions and business applications tailored to the airport industry. Objective: To simplify and continuously improve organizations’ real-time operations and increase customer satisfaction.


Cloud & Hardware Services: Provision of services hosted in the company cloud (Office 365 for example), sale or rental of computer hardware (ACUS Mobile), supply of consumables (Bag tags) for printers in an airport environment.


Business Apps: Design, development, integration of business applications: Baggage complaint management (WorldTracer), company management system (Cegid), tracking system (BDS) or our DLT (Data Lake Transport).


Business Infrastructure: Provision of technical services (VPN network, airport workstation deployment).


Support & Administration: Management of user/customer support requests (IT maintenance, incident management), application administration (Altéa, BDS, WorldTracer, DLT…).

Case study

Biarritz airport solicited MBAviation to assist it in setting up a platform to handle lost or delayed baggage for passengers in transit at the airport.

Through its partnerships, MBAviation benefits from access to the SITA WorldTracer platform to process misrouted baggage at airports in France and internationally. The company can thus provide multi-tenant access to SITA WorldTracer as well as full administration of the SITA WorldTracer platform and technical support.
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