Baggage Management

eBag solution

Baggage collection from the customer’s premises, baggage reception at the destination of their choice… Baggage management is becoming a central element of customer service. A key differentiator for all professionals in transport, the hotel industry, event management, as well as associations, federations, tourist sites, etc.

With the eBag solution, MBAviation secures baggage management and provides real-time tracking that enables instant location and effective loss prevention.

A proven Off Airport solution to enable your customers to travel light!


A service adapted to ensure complete baggage management: misrouted baggage, checked baggage, unaccompanied baggage.


A solution in line with customers' needs to free them from the constraints of baggage.


A reliable and efficient service that meets regulatory requirements (IATA Resolution 753).


An efficient system to enable our partners to benefit from all the necessary data in terms of billing, tracking, analysis and statistics.

Case study

The development of our eBag application, which is interfaced with SITA WorldTracer, has enabled us to respond to the misrouted baggage call for tender (BAGD) of some airlines seeking to comply quickly with IATA Resolution 753.

That is how we took the BAGD market on behalf of Transavia, a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group, implemented in November 2019 across the entire France network. Ongoing discussions are currently concerned with extending the service outside mainland France.

In our “BAG” development strategy, the BAGD is the foundation for network-system construction. It must enable us to achieve the “purpose”: The implementation of unaccompanied baggage (BAGA).

Successful start-ups have emerged with the signing of a contract with a “high-end” camping group. They have integrated our services to maximize customer satisfaction: You no longer have to worry about luggage to make the most of your holiday.

Sports clubs have also asked us to take care of the transport of luggage accompanying athletes, including vaulting poles for a Monegasque club.

Finally, this transportation network allows us to respond to a request that we have been managing for years: “remote” or “off airport” check-in. From our first experiments with the European Parliament in Strasbourg to the deployment of the service in Monaco, now equipped with Amadeus Flight Away Kits (FAK), our expertise is fully recognized.