Agility and

The airport landscape, and particularly ground handling activities, is changing.  Driven by a passion for creative innovation, and fully integrated into the air transport ecosystem, MBAviation is efficiently helping to portray a new horizon.

An AGILE approach

“If we now have a long and solid experience, MBAviation wants to be more agile than ever in a continuous and virtuous renewal.”
That is why market shifts and the evolution of our companies are creative levers. Far from being a problem, they are analyzed and surpassed to envisage services that are increasingly suited to your needs. The origin of our transport assistance professions goes back to ancient times and we have always accompanied the development of the dominant mode of transport in its time. Today we accompany the traveler beyond the airport infrastructure from which we have come to facilitate their transport in a world where mobility is being reinvented.

POWERFUL solutions

The MBAviation team members, all from the field, are mobilized by a common passion for the airport trades and accumulate decades of expertise through their careers in the sector.
With energy and enthusiasm, MBAviation offers dedicated solutions and services, focused on creating value and performance for your organizations.

MBAviation is at your side

Facilitator and producer of creative solutions in the air

Partner of AMADEUS – the leading software publisher – MBAviation is the first Altéa and Amadeus Airport IT Competence Center (ACC).
With recognized expertise and proven multi-skilled trades, we provide tailored solutions for airports, airport assistants, airlines, independent training organizations, universities and other transport players.


CONSULTING, AUDITING, SUPERVISION: Sharing of expertise and transfer of skills in various application sectors. Missions aimed at optimizing the operation of airport organizations. Representation of airlines on airport platforms.


TRAINING ORGANIZATION: AFNOR certified training center. Tailor-made solutions for independent training organizations and universities. Support Training for Altéa and Amadeus Airport IT solutions. Airport/Regulatory Training Specialist.


CENTRALIZED SERVICES: Centralized operational services platform. Rationalization of costs via the concentration and optimization of resources. Next generation "Centralized Load Control" (CLC).


IT & INNOVATION: Business Applications: Simplify and continuously improve real-time operations. Hardware Solutions: 1st Airports and Airlines Solutions, supervision and administration. Creator of innovative solutions for workflow management and storage issues. Baggage Transfer: Misrouted, checked, self-contained baggage. Creator of the eBag solution.



All ground handling services offered at airports for the benefit of:

  • Airlines,
  • Passengers, their luggage,
  • Goods and aircraft.


  • The first ground handling group to hold the DCS ALTEA in the pilot phase.
  • Ancillary solution prescriber.
  • Independent, MBAviation became the world’s 1ᵉʳ ACC (Altéa competence Center):
    • Neutral intervention vis-à-vis secondary airports,
    • Integration of Amadeus Airport IT solutions,
    • complement of airport assistance: Increased level of activity, Resource Optimization (CLC, Helpdesk, OCC)
    • Masters in the evolution of the sector of activity.