Centralized Services

Operational centralized services: Optimizing resources

Organizations can streamline their costs through concentration and optimization of resources via MBAviation’s centralized operational services platform.

The Centralised Load Control (CLC) platform carries out aircraft centering through the Amadeus Altéa FM system. Operations carried out exclusively by operating agents at airports on low peak activity.


Increased productivity of load controllers: Centralization and automation of tools and procedures.


Cost reduction: Reduced resources for airport assistants and training (fuel consumption, documentation, audit…) for airlines.


Improved security: "Sensitive" operations are performed by qualified and identifiable agents.


Optimize profitability: Implement a sideline activity for members of its community while maximizing airline performance.

Case study

MBAviation’s Centralized Load Control (CLC) story was exported after proving itself within the ground handling group AMC Group – Map Handling.

At the time, the ground handling group was suffering from resource dimensioning based on the activity peaks of its seasonal stopovers (Nice, Marseilles, Lyon…) and entrusted MBAviation with the project of centralizing its activity through the Amadeus Altéa FM solution. Within a few months and several thousand weight and balance sheets later, the Group’s stopovers achieved a balance under the coordination of MBAviation. Indeed, the stopovers had optimized and leveled their needs for recruiting agents and allowed them to handle flights remotely within the network.

In 2015, the CLC model took on a whole new dimension when SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System), the leading Nordic airline, stopped supplying its DCS tool to its airport network, notably in Sweden. MBAviation then positioned itself not only to become the supplier of the Altéa DCS solution in its own right to the Scandinavian groundhandlers, but also as the operator of the Centralized Load Control at the same airports, taking on the role previously played by SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System). The transition was made in full coordination between the airports concerned, Amadeus, SAS and MBAviation.

Shortly after, the ground handling assistant https://airpro.fi, which serves 16 airports in Finland, approached MBAviation to receive its CLC. Since 2016, Airpro has entrusted MBAviation’s airport community with load control operations for aircraft belonging to airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Blue Air, Sun Express or Ural Airlines departing from Helsinki and Rovaniemi. MBAviation meets all the requirements imposed by Airpro as part of its ISAGO certification through regular audits.

Our innovative CLC model is a win/win concept as it allows:

  • Air carriers to continue to benefit from the increased optimization offered by CLC, with, as a bonus, the quality of service provided by experienced and traceable operations agents (because they are access holders to airport controlled areas).
  • Airport operators in turn and according to their expectations and needs, benefit from the service in order to avoid resource dimensioning and become a service provider in order to maintain and develop their agents’ skills while generating marginal revenue.

We can secure and maintain load control skills within airports while addressing the economic and strategic challenges faced by airlines.