MBAviation optimizes ground handling assistance activities to ensure the smooth running of air operations, contributing to all ground handling activities at an airport. This allows airlines to ensure the transport of their passengers: Baggage management on arrival and departure, passenger check-in and boarding, aircraft intendance during its turnaround, etc.


Operational control of ground handling assistance

MBAviation capitalizes on its long experience of ground handling operations and has its own ground handling accreditation. The operational maintenance of certain activities, such as airline representation and the supervision of flights on the ground, offers it a direct and continuous hold on reality on the ground. MBAviation thus maintains a solid understanding of the evolution of the different lines of work in order to better anticipate tomorrow’s needs.


An international network and a global vision

Operating its activities on several continents. MBAviation maintains a local and global vision of the evolution of ground handling activities and identifies cases of “good practice” uses. In addition, its extensive network gives it access to highly specialized and qualified human resources that can provide solutions, under MBAviation’s coordination, to specific and complex problems.

The first players to deal with the plane when it arrives,

they play a major role in flight preparation and are the last to observe it from the outside before takeoff.

Mirror support

Who better to understand the needs of a ground handling assistant… than another ground handling assistant? We speak the same language, understand and experiment with field problems. And that’s why we can deploy a wide range of tailored solutions and services in response.


At the end of 2019, MBAviation was selected to accompany “Scandinavian Mountains Airport” in the proposed opening of an airport near the Norwegian border. The Sälen /Trysil airport is built around innovative principles and is intended for scheduled services and charter flights, primarily to attract tourists to nearby winter sports resorts.

It is Sweden’s fourth virtual control tower airport, with remote air control at the Sundsvall Control Center (also part of the MBAviation community) and the first in the world to be built without a control tower.

MBAviation’s work focused on passenger services activities with the objective of automating passenger management from check-in through to departure. A simplified customer-centric identification process for intuitive workflow.


Expertise in passenger flows, baggage management and the aircraft turnaround

Optimization of handling passenger flows and hold bags are at the heart of our concerns. Whether it is off-airport check-in or within the airport, MBAviation offers innovative, high-value-added solutions and services.


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