Mwanza International Airport – Tanzania

In order to develop the Mwanza stopover (Tanzania), MBAviation was mandated to train and accompany the airport’s station agents.

Training of passenger service and operation agents

In order to develop the Mwanza stopover (Tanzania), MBAviation has been mandated to train and accompany airport station agents.



The challenge for MBAviation: To ensure high quality service, during and after training, to guarantee the airport’s success:
● meet customer requirements,
● provide high availability of the expert trainer during this training course,
● develop staff skills,
● assess existing human resources,
● adapt to the requirements of the field: Language, culture, local airport standards,
● maintain follow-up, considering distance and communication difficulties following up this training with support.

The MBAviation solution

On site for 15 days, one of MBAviation’s expert trainers came from France to train the ground handling teams:
● “Altéa FM Flight Management” training for “operations” agents: To establish load sheets and weight and balance sheets for airlines arriving at the airport,
● “Customer Management” training for “passenger service” agents: Check-in, manage passengers and their baggage.


Results obtained

MBAviation has thus enabled:
– develop and maintain service relationships at technical levels,
– retain and maintain, in real time, the skill level of ground handling agents with regular “refresh” courses.


“After a very warm welcome from the Mwanza airport teams, we started the Altéa Customer Management training with a team of about ten trainees, all very interested and passionate about learning.
Training after 5 days was successful and almost everyone passed the test.

Week 2 for the Altéa FM Flight Management training: I found more or less the same team as the first week. Versatility has landed at Mwanza airport! Not all levels were homogenous and not all of them passed the exam because they lacked basic traffic training, but they showed a strong willingness to learn. It was an eventful week because during this week of training we learned of the bankruptcy of the airline serving Mwanza. It was also rich in human contact with permanently smiling and friendly staff. A great adventure! “