Ljubljana Airport – Slovenia

March 2018, Ljubljana Airport decided to migrate its entire Departure Control System (DCS) to the complete ALTEA DCS Amadeus solution:  The check-in DCS (passenger management), the load control system (flight management) and access to the ACUS (Remote access web) platform.

Migration of the technical infrastructure to the ALTEA DCS Amadeus solution

Amadeus used MBAviation’s expertise to assist it in this mission in order to accompany staff on site, guide staff, facilitate the transition and share their business knowledge.



As the ALTEA product is new to the operations team, confidence and technical performance have been important issues for local managers and partner airlines in this project.

The MBAviation solution

● Reassure operators by providing them with an efficient, accessible and sustainable migration plan,
● Support agents in the use of the system, adjust parameters in real time and accompany each actor in the operational chain by the end of the mission.


Results obtained

● for 3 days, the MBAviation team guided this migration in order to ensure the transition with agility and cohesion of services,

● all scheduled flights were maintained, operated on time,

● local staff gained confidence with MBAviation support and were able to accomplish their missions very quickly and independently.

● the parameters have been adjusted live to best meet the requirements of the different parties.

● the partnership between Ljubljana airport, Amadeus and MBAviation made it possible to carry out an efficient migration in the best conditions.


“The migration of the Ljubljana airport system went very well and the customers were given good assistance. On the Facility Management side, Karine was able to accompany FM activities whenever necessary. Customer satisfaction is particularly good.

On the CM side check-in and gate, Sébastien, Ekaterina and I provided support and answered questions, mainly about the use of the Altea system in specific scenarios.

The ground handling assistant, FraporSlovenia, used Altea GH DC for the first time. Overall, the customer has repeatedly stated that they are satisfied with the migration, support and system.

The volume of airlines operating daily for JP was approximately 25 flights, or 80% of total traffic. Your support has been a great added value for Amadeus and for its client concerning CM and FM. It ensured a smooth migration and reassured the agents, especially using the Altea DCS for the first time.

I really appreciated the professionalism and co-operation of Sébastien and Karine throughout our long days, from 05:00-18:00!”