Ljubljana Airport – Slovenia

“The migration of the Ljubljana airport system went very well and the customers were given good assistance.  On the Facility Management side, Karine was able to accompany FM activities whenever necessary.  Customer satisfaction is excellent.

Concerning CM check-in and gate, Sebastien, Ekaterina and I provided support and answered questions mainly about the use of the Altea system in specific scenarios.

The ground handling assistant, FraporSlovenia, used Altea GH DC for the first time. Overall, the customer has repeatedly stated that they are satisfied with the migration, support and system.

The volume of airlines operating daily for JP was approximately 25 flights, or 80% of total traffic. Your support has been a great added value for Amadeus and for its client concerning CM and FM.  It ensured a smooth migration and reassured the agents, especially for their first time using the Altea DCS.

I really appreciated the professionalism and co-operation of Sébastien and Karine throughout our long days, from 05:00-18:00!”