3 July 2018

Policy on cookies

Navigation on the site Https://www.mbaviation.eu (hereinafter designated by the “Site”) is likely to cause the installation of cookies on your terminal.

A terminal refers to any computer, smartphone, tablet, or even video games console connected to the Internet.

A cookie is a small file which does not allow the identification of the user, but which stores information relating to the navigation of a terminal on an Internet site.

The data thus obtained are intended to facilitate the future navigation on the Internet site and are also intended to enable various measures of frequentation.

The cookies used on the Site are deposited by MBAviation.

MBAviation only deposits cookies which are strictly essential to navigation on the Site, the cookies’ exclusive purpose being to enable or facilitate communication by electronic means, and cookies for audience measurement whose purpose is limited to the measurement of audience of the content viewed in order to allow an assessment of the content published and the ergonomics of the Site.

Any additional cookies to those cookies strictly necessary to navigate on the Site are used for the following purpose:

– Measurement of Google Analytics audience

Cookies that are not strictly necessary can be disabled by following the instructions under the heading “Parameters” below.

Cookies which are strictly necessary to the provision of a service on the Site which is expressly requested by you do not require your consent.

In contrast, cookies that are not strictly necessary to navigation on the Site require your consent. Until you have given your consent, these cookies may not be deposited or read on your terminal. You are informed by the appearance of a banner.

You can withdraw your consent to the deposit or the reading of certain cookies on your terminal at any time.

The validity of this consent is thirteen (13) months. At the end of this time, your consent must be obtained again.

Cookies are retained for a maximum duration of thirteen (13) months on your terminal. Beyond this period, cookies are permanently deleted from those terminals. This duration will in no case be extended in the event of a new visit to the Site.

The data collected via cookies are not cross-checked with any other data processing.

You may object to cookies through an objection scheme by sending a request to this effect to the following address: Dpo@mbaviation.fr

You are informed that the refusal to install a cookie may result in the impossibility to access certain services of the Site.


To reject the installation of cookies which are not essential to navigation on the Site, you can configure the settings of your Internet browser in the following way:

– Under Firefox: Tab ” Firefox/Preferences”. Click on “Privacy” and choose “Never” in “accept third party cookies”. You can also choose to keep the cookies only up to the closure of Firefox.

– Under Safari: Tab “Safari/Preferences”. Click on “Privacy” and choose “Always block” in “Cookies and website data”. At the end of the navigation you can also click on “Delete all data from websites”. You can also choose to activate the function “do not follow me”.

– Under Edge: Tab “Internet Options”, then “confidentiality”, where you can set the Internet zone and limit the access of cookies by selecting the option confidentiality “high” that blocks cookies with an inadequate privacy policy as well as cookies that record information without the user’s consent.

However, please be aware that considering your consent is based on the cookie. Also, if you delete all the cookies stored in your terminal through your Internet browser, MBAviation will not know that you have chosen this option.

For Google Analytics cookies, you can access further information, including how to disable them, in the following link:


Attention: If you systematically refuse the installation of all cookies on your device, including those strictly necessary for navigation, via the options “Block all cookies”, your navigation on the Site may be limited, and the access to certain services may prove to be impossible.

For more information, you can consult the website of the CNIL via the following link: