Newsletter #1

New logo, new branding

A new wave on our communication tools !

To support our strategy and our ambitions, a new logo has been adopted. Our goal: to reflect our expertise and our dynamism in the innovation field.More modern and more classic, this new logo is aligned with our values – to offer creative solutions to professionals constantly looking for new techniques.The typography has been refreshed with a more contemporary look to describe the credibility of our offers and the professionalism of our teams.Simple and efficient while aligned with our historical branding, this first step into this brand refresh promises to be the first of a long series of new actions.

Stay tuned!


MBAviation is developing its membership community, which now includes 25 international airports (1.6 million enplaned passengers in 2018 and a growth of + 26% recorded in 2019) and 15 independent training organizations, universities that form a network and offer MBAviation a representation in Europe (France, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Norway, Finland), Asia (Hong Kong, Chennai), the UAE (Dubai) and more recently in Africa (Gambia, Tanzania, South Africa).