Airport lemag Number 78

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3 questions to Frédéric Meyer, CEO, MBAviation

In aéroport lemag N°77, you spoke to us about MBAviation’s different activities. What are the latest developments?

In the framework of our partnership with Amadeus Airport IT, we are continuing to develop our Altéa community around the world and are happy to report that we have finalised agreements with the Gambia (Banjul Airport). This partnership strengthens our presence on the African continent with Tanzania (airport of Mwanza).

In parallel, we are consolidating our positions in Asia because, after forming a partnership with a university based in Hong Kong, we are replicating the experience in India with an institute in Chennai.

More specifically, what about your projects concerning baggage processing?

Regulatory developments concerning the “traceability” of hold baggage, particularly IATA resolution 753, have accelerated the deployment of the Amadeus BRS (baggage reconciliation system) that we distribute. We have initiated a BRS project with 6 airports in Sweden, two of which are new positions with Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport (THN) and Halmstad City Airport (HAD). Other partnerships are currently under discussion.

And what about the baggage handling platform e-Bag which you told us about?

We have initiated the “pilot phase” of the BtoB element of our application for the activity that we consider to be the cornerstone of our development in this branch, namely “lost baggage” (BAGD) with the support of our partner BluBag and its baggage delivery network.

The platform, interfaced to SITA WorldTracer, integrates the data for this solution, which is central today in the exchange of information on the traceability and recovery of lost baggage on a global level (more than 460 airlines and airport assistants in more than 2 800 airports across the world) and for all the actors in the chain. Therefore, via our partner, BluBag, can use all the “baggage dispute” data files for the benefit of all the operators and for the passenger who is the recipient of the baggage.

The application will then be open to the general public (BtoC interface) to manage the “home to home” baggage transfers with the same traceability conditions. We are currently conducting discussions with potential partners in order to propose a white label solution and thereby allow direct marketing to actors wishing to market the service under their own brand. Multiple associations are possible with transport companies, airports, travel agencies, congress centres…

For more information: contact Thierry Rosolin, Director of Operations