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MBAviation, your service partner

4 questions to Frédéric Meyer, CEO, MBAviation

What is MBAviation’s sector?

MBAviation implements innovative solutions for the transport industry. Our B.U. ACC*, a partnership with the Amadeus Group, has allowed us to build up an international community of 50 members over 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). In 2018, in purely airport terms, this represents nearly 2 million boarding passengers through DCS** Altéa  GH (24) and an equivalent baggage volume via Amadeus BRS***. Our other B.U.s: Our AFNOR accredited Training (TRN) courses; Consulting, Audit, Supervision (CAS) and, of course, Information systems (ITS), mean that MBAviation can provide full support to our partners, and assess and respond to their needs as they evolve.

What is MBAviation’s development strategy?

In the medium term our B.U. Operations (OPS) with a new generation CLD**** which currently performs load control for 5 of our international partners. This innovative service offers guaranteed competence and reliability, while optimizing our partners’ resources by meeting the demands of competitiveness.

In the short term our B.U. BAG is the result of more than 10 years’ experience. It is focused on the transfer of luggage in general and It is with this that we are launching our “e-Bag” concept, which is based on several findings: a change in behaviour which sees travellers wanting an increasingly “simple” journey with the least possible bother; developing regulations which place hold baggage at the forefront of concerns (IATA Resolution 753, the NEXXT project…); finally, airport authorities’ operating constraints and the security link between hold baggage and the passenger which persists and remains a source of delay and is therefore a very significant problem.

Our e-bag Solution works for 3 types of baggage:

  • Lost Baggage: which has gone astray during air transport. It is our cornerstone.
  • Autonomous luggage: entrusted by travellers who want to divest themselves of it completely, whatever their means of transport. It is collected and delivered to the desired location.
  • “Off airport” baggage: registered in “remote” mode (at the hotel, conference centres, at home) to be loaded on the same aircraft as the passenger.

What is “e-Bag” really?

“E-Bag” is an application that takes over the check-in and tracking of baggage from collection to delivery. The first system of this type for lost baggage to be interfaced with the SITA WorldTracer system, giving access to baggage disputes data files.

So you are developing an activity for a luggage activity software supplier?

Not only that, because over and above the system, we intervene in the distribution network with our partner BluBag. For almost 2 years, the latter has brought together individual companies and lost baggage delivery specialists to offer its customers (airlines or assistants) the benefit of one contact, one contract, one pricing system and single billing across its network. From the autumn, the “e-bag” application, which has been operational since the spring for lost baggage specialists, will be accessible to the “travel” trade and individuals.

* AAC: Amadeus and Airport IT Competency Center

** DCS: Departure Control System

*** BRS: Baggage reconciliation system

**** CLD: Centralised Load Documentation

For more information: contact Thierry Rosolin, Director of Operations