Airport lemag Number 78

Your Service Partner 3 questions to Frédéric Meyer, CEO, MBAviation In aéroport lemag N°77, you spoke to us about MBAviation’s different activities. What are the latest developments? In the framework of our partnership with Amadeus Airport IT, we are continuing to develop our Altéa community around the world and are happy to report that we[…]

Airport lemag Number 77

MBAviation, your service partner 4 questions to Frédéric Meyer, CEO, MBAviation What is MBAviation’s sector? MBAviation implements innovative solutions for the transport industry. Our B.U. ACC*, a partnership with the Amadeus Group, has allowed us to build up an international community of 50 members over 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa). In 2018, in purely[…]